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Writing Intensions in Post-qualitative Educational Research

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

American Educational Research Association (AERA) was held in NYC this year.

This spring, I organized a panel on writing intensities, and was lucky to be joined by a group amazing scholars. The panel was organized around the concept of 'intensity' and particularly writing intensities. Here's an abstract of our panel:

Employing ‘intension’ (not to be confused with ‘intention’), this symposium considers writing intensions in post-qualitative inquiry (St. Pierre, 2011; Lather & St. Pierre, 2013). Panelists examine ‘intensities’ in writing research, deliberately shifting attention away from the ‘intention’ of writing, and towards considerations of writing’s densities, affects, senses, multiplicities, potentials, concentrations, saturations, pressures, excesses, and stressors. Panelists consider how writing, as a mode of educational research (Richardson & St. Pierre, 2005), can engage with and enact the multiplicity of possibilities in research events (Deleuze & Guattari, 1994), including the ‘aliveness’ of ‘data’, attenuations to the temporal and material intensities of writing, and engagements with the “more-than-representational” aspects of research encounters which escape words (Thrift, 2008).

The panel included:

Writing with Intensities: Jasmine Ulmer (Wayne State University), Jessica Van Cleave (Mars Hill University), and Sarah Bridges-Rhoads (Georgia State University)

Writing in Movement: Cladia Diaz-Diaz (University of British Columbia)

Writing In/ter/rup/tions: Paulina Semenec (University of British Columbia)

Elemental Writing: Towards Educational Inquiry as a Posthuman Media Ecology: Marcelina Piotrowski (University of British Columbia

East Village, NYC, 2018

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