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I presented my talk 'Elemental writing: Towards inquiry as a posthuman media ecology' as part of a panel I organized: Writing Intensities in Post-Qualitative Educational Research.  Here's a summary of the panel:

Employing ‘intension’ (not to be confused with ‘intention’), this symposium considers writing intensions in post-qualitative inquiry (St. Pierre, 2011; Lather & St. Pierre, 2013). Panelists examine ‘intensities’ in writing research, deliberately shifting attention away from the ‘intention’ of writing, and towards considerations of writing’s densities, affects, senses, multiplicities, potentials, concentrations, saturations, pressures, excesses, and stressors. Panelists consider how writing, as a mode of educational research (Richardson & St. Pierre, 2005), can engage with and enact the multiplicity of possibilities in research events (Deleuze & Guattari, 1994), including the ‘aliveness’ of ‘data’, attenuations to the temporal and material intensities of writing, and engagements with the “more-than-representational” aspects of research encounters which escape words (Thrift, 2008).  

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