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‘An atmosphere, an air, a life:’ Deleuze, elemental media, and

more-than-human environmental subjectification

and education


influx of more-than-human ‘others,’ including the classical elements: air,

water, earth, fire. In this conceptual article, I consider what environmental

movement education research, which includes inquiring into processes

of political subjectification, might entail, when thinking with the

elements. As part of this focus, I identify and propose thinking alongside

an ‘elemental Deleuze,’ by attuning to how the elements thread

through Deleuze’s many works. Thinking with the elements alongside

the field of elemental media studies, I turn to a series of examples from

research conducted on subjectification and education in anti-oil pipeline

movements in British Columbia, Canada, to suggest that the elements

are productive media of atmospheres and affects that generate political

‘life.’ My objectives in this article are to articulate implications and ways

of engaging with more-than-human forms of subjectification in environmental

movements, and the implications for environmental education


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